Youth Masses

We will be dedicating one Mass Service a month for youth: Every first Sunday of every month at 5 pm.

We are excited to support and celebrate our St. Robert Youth. And with that, we will now have monthly youth masses with opportunities for our youth to serve, usher, sing, read, perform, help, plan, and develop youth masses.

We will have the energy of youth in our music, readings, sermons, and more engagement during mass.

Youth of all ages are all welcome- please join us and bring your parents, family, and favorite people! Please join us and support our youth.

Please contact us ASAP to sign them up or find out more information.

Please contact our Youth Ministry Coordinator, Travis Wingate at

We are in need of more youth to help out in our youth masses! If your child would like to attend the youth mass and maybe even help out a bit, click on this link to get them signed up right away for the next youth mass.

If you would like to virtually watch our youth masses, click here.

We had a GREAT fifth youth mass on Sunday, June 5th! Tons of youth attended and enjoyed the festivity with God!

Attention: Unfortunately, due to challenges with our youths' availability and scheduling, the youth masses for the months of July and August have been postponed. Please bear with us as we will be trying our hardest for the future youth masses.