The Youth Team

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The Youth Team

Our Youth Team is filled with adults, members, and youth leaders from our Saint Robert community!!!

Youth Ministry Angels

Alessandro Del Rio

Benjamin Sabater

Brandon Collins

Camila Gomez

Diane Hanhan

Dove Miller

James Bourdet

Jayden Sabater

Nathan Del Rosario

Noah Filoteo

Selena Hishmeh

Tamer Muhawieh

Tara Buckley

Presley Rohatch

Alexa Sangalang

Annabel Fuell

Dean Michael Bautista

Dove Miller

Ella Reese Bautista

Isabel Padia

Liala Kinchen

Matthew Laupati

Paulina Marshall

Pastor - Father Arnold Zamora

Coordinator of Youth Ministry - Travis Wingate

Adult Supporters

Michael Garcia - Vice Principal

Lawrence Kong-Ellison

Dr. Patrick Sullivan - Principal

Cecile Sabater

Gianpaolo Eleria

Noreen McCullagh

Ellen Vorsatz

Currently, our Youth Ministry Team has started to come together as a strong and working group. With dedication of our pastor, Father Arnold Zamora, and the guidance of our director, Travis Wingate, we have begun on creating an outstanding team. Our goal is to have a dynamic Youth Ministry Program for all youth, supported by a well-rounded team that consists of youth leaders who feel they are capable of sharing their talents/gifts that God has given them. As we have been forming our team, we have been planning ahead for upcoming events.

Our Calendar & Schedule:

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