Our Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

The Youth Ministry Team has visualized many goals for the youth in a variety of religious ways.

"My vision for the Youth Ministry Team is to help and give back to the community" - James Bourdet

"Setting examples for adults and children has been a major objective for me within the Youth Ministry. I can spread the Word of God to others as well." - Brandon Collins

"I would love to help younger kids and inspire them to do the same when they grow up and be even closer to God." - Matthew Laupati

"During the pandemic, people may have given up on their faith and bringing that lost faith back to them can be a great way to encourage and involve people in the Youth Ministry." - Presley Rohatch

"Through the Youth Ministry, I really want to help young children to find their own ways to get closer to God." - Annabel Fuell

"I would like to serve others and help them understand Jesus and God's examples." - Selena Hishmeh

"Kids don't realize that God is always there for them and they should know to go to God all the time." - Tamer Muhawieh

Our Mission

This mission of Saint Robert Youth Ministry is to provide a positive, spiritual environment and sense of belonging to all youth who are wanting to know, love, and serve God. We are invested in understanding our Faith and living its true purpose, and developing leadership skills and enhancing the gifts that God has given us so that we may make a difference in this world and help others. We especially want to help other youth and younger children know of God’s love that can lead to a more meaningful, fulfilling, and spiritual life.